Bangkok and the Siam Empire

Ahhhh Thailand! We heard a lot about it (in good or bad), it’s time to discover it by ourselves! Bangkok We spent 2 times 2 days in Bangkok, since we did our visa for Myanmar there just before leaving for Yangon. Bangkok represents 10% of the Thai population and 90% of registered cars in the […]

Overview of Myanmar and personal opinion

The political and economical situation in Myanmar influenced our journey in several ways: Religion: Burmese are very religious. 10 to 20% of their incomes supposedly goes to the temples, pagodas and monks. It seems like they’re constructing pagodas every 10 meters, every time trying to be bigger than the next one (as you can see in our […]

Myanmar part 3: Lake Inle

Lake Inle is the second biggest lake of Burma and is home to the Intha, who built their 40 villages on piles and harvest floating gardens on the lake. After a night bus from Bagan, we arrived in Lake Inle at 5am. After a short rest to recover from a night in the bus, we […]

Myanmar part 2: The 2000 temples of Bagan

After spending a day on the Irrawaddy River, we finally arrived at Bagan, the highlight of our Myanmar trip. Bagan was the capital of the Burman kingdom and saw 55 different rulers, up until 1287 when Qūbilai Khān (the grand-son of Gengis Khān) took the city and left it abandoned. During its golden years under […]

Myanmar part 1: Yangon and Mandalay

We spent a week in Myanmar, an Asian country stuck between the buzzing Thailand and the swarming Pakistan/India. Every country in SEA (South-East Asia) has its own more or less dramatic historical background. Myanmar is since 1962 under a military government and opened itself pretty recently to tourism: the country is beautiful, the people welcoming, […]

End of our trip in Philippines: Personal opinion

We took a couple of flights today, Dumaguete – Manila – Bangkok, so that’s it for Philippines. So how did we like it? You might have guessed from our articles: We freakin’ loved it! Some of the countless amazing things in the Philippines: The diversity: Philippines are made of 7 000 thousand islands, yet every […]

Travelling in the Visayas : Bohol, Siquijor and Apo Island

After flying from Boracay to Cebu (and pay more taxes and other fees to get out), we took a fast ferry to Bohol, one of the main island of the Visayas. Bohol We arrived in Tagbilaran, Bohol’s capital, which is a big noisy commercial city with no other interest than being one of the only […]

Southeast Luzon & Boracay

Looking for some good food, hot weather and white beaches, we moved from the mountains to visit the south end of Luzon (Philippines’ main island). We started in Naga, an inland city well-known for its spicy and delicious food and part of the amazing and volcanoes-rich Bicol region. After a quick tour of the city, […]