Nikko is a small town in the north of Japan, well-known for its ancient temples and Nikko National Park, offering hikes around the lake in summer and skiing in winter. We spent 2 days in this peaceful area… Shinkyō’s bridge, linking the city and the Shrines Nikko’s temples Nikkos’s temple are parts of UNESCO World […]


Tokyo is probably the place we stayed the longest after Sydney, thanks to our friend Amelie who generously offered us to stay at her awesome place (with a gym!). We’ve been impressed by Amelie’s Japanese level and she was a great guide to discover Tokyo and the Japanese culture. Discovering Tokyo with Amelie Tokyo is […]


On our way to Tokyo, we decided to stop by Shanghai: thanks to the free 3-days transfer visa only available in Shanghai, we could swing by China without having to pay for a Touristic Visa. However, a 3-days visa means a very short stay!  First time for me, second for Arthur Since Arthur went to […]

Hong Kong

We’re out of Vietnam! Hong Kong started well: we were greeted by Ho Fai’s father – Ho Fai is a friend of mine from NYC – and he took us to their spare apartment in Tsuen Wan, a very authentic Hong Kong neighborhood not very used to see foreigners. It was really nice to have […]

Overview of Vietnam: country and people

1 month in Vietnam = a lot of fun and great memories! But we had many problems with the vietnamese that sometimes killed the vibe… The Vietnamese Let start with the main issue: the local population. We had quite a hard time with them, and it seems like we’re not the only ones (almost every traveller agree […]


Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is one of the most interesting big cities of South-East Asia we went to. The Old Hanoi architecture is still very similar to what it was like when its construction started in the 15th century. Unlike Saigon, which has been quite Americanized during the war, Hanoi kept its authenticity. No […]

Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay… one of the most famous landscape of Asia! Located in the North of Vietnam, the bay regroups more than 2000 limestone islands. The legend says that dragons were sent by the gods to protect de Vietnamese against enemies. The dragons brought jewels and turned them into islands, linking together to form a […]

Phong Nha Ke Bàng Natural Park and its caves

Phong Nha is a mountainous region at the border of Vietnam and Laos. It is one of the oldest karst and vastest limestone area of the world. The region is 400 million years old, and the natural park covers 116 700 ha… It’s massive, in other words. We spend two days over there, biking around […]

Huế, the Imperial City

Huế, Vietnam’s imperial city ! Located near the DMZ (separating the north Vietnam from the South Vietnam during the Vietnam war), the city has been heavily bombed and some of the best monuments have been completely destroyed. Fortunately, the Vietnamese government decided to restore some buildings, making Huế a great place to discover the Nguyễn […]

Hoi An

Hoi An is a small city that was used as a commercial port during the 15th century, selling tea, spices and porcelain to boats from all over the world. We stayed 3 days there, which was just enough to discover everything Hoi An as to offer. The old town The old town has been registered […]