A trip to Rajahastan

Being in Delhi is one hell of an exotic experience, but we also want to see more of India than just this one city, in order to deepen our vision of India. Therefore, we decided to take a one-week trip in Rajasthan.

Itineraire Rajasthan

Our itinerary in Rajasthan

Rajasthan reputed for being one of the most beautiful states of India. Picture the marvelous, palaces made for leisure of their Maharajas and the pleasure of the eyes, witnesses of a very deep History. Quarrelling between Maharajas, weddings, treasons, revengeful wars… Picture the “One Thousand and One Night” world (les Mille et une nuit pour nos amis Français) with hundreds years old temples, dust, camels, austere forts and shining palaces.

Welcome to Rajasthan.

The reservation incident

The one thing we really want to do in Rajasthan is spending the night in a palace. A lot of them have been transformed into hotels, and the price of the night isn’t crazy expensive yet. We found three of them that were on our road, and even better, we can choose to spend two nights in different palaces and still be within our budget (80€ per person maximum).

Thus, we tried Saturday evening to make a reservation for the Neemrana Fort Palace, a Fifteen century castle built on the side of a mountain and overlooking the Neemrana village.

Neemrana Fort

I spent half an hour on the phone with the front desk person, who was speaking a very approximate English, and who told me ten times that yes, my room was reserved… For 47 Rupees. (That’s 0,5€. Yeah.)

“47… Hundred?”

“No, special offer. 47.”

“You mean four thousand seven hundred?”


That’s only hanging up that we realized that our phone balance was zero, and that we actually just spent 30 minutes on the phone with a Vodafone salesman…

More about the Rajasthan adventure soon!

3 thoughts on “A trip to Rajahastan

  1. How are you traveling? Bus, train, car?

    Btw, thanks for the translation, we french people were really struggling with the “One Thousand and One Night” !

    • I know bro, just wanted to clear that up for you guys 😉

      We’re traveling by car, we rented one with a driver. When you see how Indian people drive, you don’t even think about driving yourself. Picture a world with no driving rules. Now double the chaos. You’re not even remotely close 😀

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