We’ll use this page to keep track of our global expenses for the trip. Our goal is to keep it under 15 000€ ($20 000 US) for the whole year.

Plane: We bought a round-the-world ticket, for which we had to choose our stops in advance but that allows us to change the dates whenever we want! The price of such a ticket depends on three factors: the number of stops, the number of continents, and the total distance. To minimize the price of the RTW ticket, we bought separately our flights from Singapore to Sydney (-1 continent) and all our flights intra-Asia (really cheap). The RTW ticket cost us 3 200€ for all our other plane tickets through Zip-World, a french travel company specialized in trips like ours and which seems pretty professional.

Insurance: One of the most important thing in our trip. We had to choose an health insurance for 1 year, which could help us around the world, have good guarantees, with a reasonable price. We use our Australian WHV status (a specific Australian/Canadian/Japanese visa allowing us to work during 1 year in the designated country) to choose Chapka International: it have an insurance policy specifically designed for trip like ours, good guarantees, and it only cost 385€ for 11 months. We found many insurances on the web, with different prices and different reviews: for the French-speaker who would need it, here is a good comparative study.

Category Expense Price
Visa Australian Visa 264 €
Visa Indian Visa 70 €
Visa Vietnamese Visa 80 €
Health Vaccination 500 €
Health Meds 85 €
Health Anti-palu meds 85 €
Insurance Chapka International 385 €
Equipment Bag + secret pocket + sleeping bag 120 €
Equipment Indian guide book 15 €
Tickets Round-the-world Tickets 3 200 €
Tickets Kuala-Lumpur – Singapore bus 35 €
Tickets Singapore – Australia 160 €
Total 4999€


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