Overview Brazil

We only went to two cities in Brazil: Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. Rio was a real pleasure, but the Salvador was quite disappointing. Strange bunker in the middle of the Bay Budget Let’s talk fist about the main issue: the budget. Brazil is REALLY expensive, almost as expensive as Australia (we went to big […]

Salvador da Bahia

Ultimate stop of our Round The World trip, Salvador da Bahia! 1650km north of Rio, Salvador da Bahia is where the History of Brazil started in the 1501 when Amerigo Vespucci discovered it. On March 29, 1529, Tomé de Souza, first governor of Brazil settles there and the city becomes the first capital of the […]

Rio de Janeiro

Brazil, last country of our RTW trip… and its beautiful and vibrant city, Rio de Janeiro! We spent 5 days in Rio and that was not enough to explore the entire city: 1,260 km2 and more than 12 millions inhabitants, suburbs included! We started our journey at the Marriott Hotel on Copacabana Beach, using Arthur’s […]