Round the World trip: Top 50 of our experiences

This article serves as a conclusion for this blog and our awesome year: we’ve been looking to aggregate in one post the most awesome experiences we’ve had as well as our favorites places. Before doing so, here are our general impressions on the trip: First, it was great. The words really can’t describe how incredible […]

At the airport!

India, here we come! (writing from London, waiting for our flight) First flight, first country, first day of our trip! We’re really excited but a little bit stressed out by this forthcoming year. In 10 hours, we’re in Delhi! See you soon, cheers! (Yes, we’re traveling light, so we left some hair at home ^^)

Hello world!

Hello there! As we are getting very close of our October 10th departure, we just created this blog to serve as our travel journal. As you can see, we decided to write this blog in English, as we have a lot of international friends and that we do intend to make a lot of new […]