Overview Japan

After 10 days in Japan, we left Asia for Hawaii and Latin America. But right now it’s time for the overview of Japan! A country best done on a separate trip What about the Japanese? Japanese are welcoming and super friendly. Very polite, they tried every possible way to help us along our trip. The only problem is […]


While in Kyoto, we took an afternoon trip to Nara. Nara was the capital of Japan from 710 for 74 years, before being moved to Kyoto by emperor Kammu in 784. Before Nara, capitals were changed every time the emperor died, the city being then considered as impure. We arrived in Nara to have the […]


Kyoto is the historic and cultural capital of Japan. Until Tokugawa started the Edo era by moving the capital from Kyoto to Tokyo, Kyoto was the center Japan’s power. Even after 1600, it remained an important city as the emperor and its samurais where still living in the imperial palace, even though the real power […]


Nikko is a small town in the north of Japan, well-known for its ancient temples and Nikko National Park, offering hikes around the lake in summer and skiing in winter. We spent 2 days in this peaceful area… Shinkyō’s bridge, linking the city and the Shrines Nikko’s temples Nikkos’s temple are parts of UNESCO World […]


Tokyo is probably the place we stayed the longest after Sydney, thanks to our friend Amelie who generously offered us to stay at her awesome place (with a gym!). We’ve been impressed by Amelie’s Japanese level and she was a great guide to discover Tokyo and the Japanese culture. Discovering Tokyo with Amelie Tokyo is […]