Ciudad de Mexico (Mexico City)

After a blast in Hawaii, we arrived in Mexico City to start our Mexican journey. Mexico city is the world biggest urban conglomeration, before Tokyo and Sao Paulo.

2014.06.14 - Mexico City

We spend five days discovering the city, mainly focusing on the historical center of the city.

2014.06.15 - Mexico City 18

Centro Histórico

We took a hotel right on Zócalo, the third biggest square of the world after Moscow Red Square and Beijing Tian’anmen.

2014.06.15 - Mexico City 34

The Zócalo is flanked by the huge and titled cathedral, the Palacio nacional (the residence of the President until the end of the 19th century) and the Palacio de Gobierno (the city-hall).

2014.06.15 - Mexico City 32

La Catedral

2014.06.15 - Mexico City 36

El Palacio de Gobierno

Around Zócalo is the colonial sector. We’ve been very surprised by how beautiful and safe the historical center is, and we really enjoyed getting lost in its streets.

2014.06.15 - Mexico City 14

2014.06.15 - Mexico City 22

2014.06.15 - Mexico City 08

2014.06.15 - Mexico City 28

Sometimes it feels a little bit like being in Paris

Here is Torre Latinoamericana, first high-rise of Mexico City and inspired by the Empire State Building:

2014.06.15 - Mexico City 26

Some sectors haven’t been renovated yet:

2014.06.15 - Mexico City 48

2014.06.15 - Mexico City 50

And a lot of churches are seriously tilted!

2014.06.15 - Mexico City 56

As surprising as it might be, this picture is actually straight

2014.06.15 - Mexico City 62

Museum and Aztèque culture

Mexico city was also the opportunity for us to discover more about the Aztèque culture, the inhabitants of the Mexico City area before the Spanish conquistadors arrived to Mexico.

2014.06.18 - Mexico City 01

Inside the Palacio Nacional…

2014.06.18 - Mexico City 02

2014.06.18 - Mexico City 03

Some paintings depicting the lives of the Azteques before the conquistadors

We started off with Templo Mayor. Right next to the Cathedral, Templo Mayor was the most important Aztèque monument. The pyramid, which used to be 45 meters-high, represented the convergence of the sky, the earth and the underworld. Given its importance, no Aztèque government ever tried to move the pyramid and they preferred to completely rebuild it over to the previous one. There are a total of 7 different layers!

2014.06.17 - Mexico City 004

The different layers of the pyramid

2014.06.17 - Mexico City 016

And what it looked like before

The archeological site was not incredible, but the museum was really interesting!

2014.06.17 - Mexico City 014

A box of offerings

2014.06.17 - Mexico City 012

2014.06.17 - Mexico City 021

We also took a look at the Anthropological museum, which has some great piece of art.

2014.06.17 - Mexico City 029

2014.06.17 - Mexico City 028

What the pyramids looked like before when painted

One particular thing, in the different Mexican cultures death seems to be a very strong symbol, and is represented everywhere:

2014.06.15 - Mexico City 52

We came across this statue when walking in Mexico City

2014.06.17 - Mexico City 010

A wall of a building of Templo Mayor

2014.06.17 - Mexico City 013

I’m not sure I would enjoy eating my cereals in this bowl

2014.06.17 - Mexico City 027

Overall, we were really surprised by our first taste of Mexico. Mexico City is not at all the dangerous city the cliché depicts, and Mexican people were really friendly!

2014.06.15 - Mexico City 70

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