End of Thailand: pretty awesome trip

Time for our classic review of Thailand!

As you can have guessed from our last posts, we loved it!

Here are a few reasons why:

Thailand is a beautiful country, from the buzzing Bangkok and the cultural and historical North, to the relax Koh Lanta and the welcoming and warm Koh Tao.

2014.04.09 - Ko Phi Phi 10

Exploring Koh Phi-Phi island…

2014.04.10 - Ko Lanta 01

… or enjoying the sunset on Koh Lanta

Even if the country is extremely touristic, we really felt welcomed: Thai people are peaceful and welcoming, but most of the people we met are from the UK, Germany or France. The country is still cheap, and actually cheaper for a backpacker than Myanmar or Cambodia (where the food cost a bit less but the price of accommodation or transport can double easily).

There is an extreme variety of activities in Thailand: trekking, scuba diving, partying, cooking, petting, getting massages, watching Thai boxing games, visiting temples… the list is long! We loved biking around in Thailand since it’s the best way to discover hidden paths and the local life.

2014-04-03 22.53.58

Thai Boxing in Chiang Mai


Finding our way through Ayutthaya’s World heritage Site


Briefing by Alex before diving in Koh Tao

Speaking of partying, Thailand is an amazing place for this: who wouldn’t like partying on the beach, bare feet in the sand? The nights are pretty crazy in Bangkok or Kho Phi-Phi, and much more relaxed in Chiang Mai or Koh Lanta. We met amazing travelers in Thailand, and had a great time with them all along our trip!

2014-04-15 18.04.18

Sunset on Koh Tao… at night the beach transforms into a dancefloor!


Fire show on Koh Phi-Phi


Food… Thai food! The quality and variety of Thai food is unequaled in South East Asia: from the classic and delicious Pad Thai or Papaya salad to the sophisticated and various curries, the typical menu represents at least 10 pages! With an impressive number of food markets, Thailand is the best place for exploring exotic dishes and enjoying tasty meals!

2014-03-30 21.51.25

What would you prefer: red curry with rice and coconut water…

2014-04-09 20.46.37

or shrimp tempuras with salad?

 By the way, we were there during the demonstrations (March to April) before the military coup: here’s some pictures.


2014.03.20 - Bangkok (1)


As a conclusion, we are definitely coming back to Thailand! There are still a lot of places we wanted to go to and hadn’t had time to check out, and we definitely want to go back for some amazing diving there. We might just wait for the revolution to be over!


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