From Pushkar to Udaipur, two “lake cities” in two days.


Our journey in Rajasthan is quite intense! First stop in a real city, Pushkar: a small city known for its sacred lake, in which Indians come to take a bath in order to be forgiven for their sins. Apparently, some of them have to do so every day, considering the impressive number of scams around the lake.  One of them is to give you a handful of petals, saying that throwing it in the lake brings fortune and happiness: if you do so, you realize that there are now 10 Indians surrounding you and asking you to “make an offering” of 1500 rupees, which is just a crazy amount of money for an offering in India. Needless to say, after 5 days being harassed by scammers, we didn’t fall for this one!



We then continued our trip with Udaipur and its magnificent palace (the biggest of Rajasthan), city of the Maharana and his 160 wives! Called the white city, the view is amazing at the sunset, with the yellow walls of the Palace reflecting on the lake. You easily realize why they chose Udaipur to be the main set of James Bond ‘Octopussy’ in 1983.



Compared to Delhi, the city is quiet and peaceful. You can walk along the shore, enjoying the view, or loose yourselves in the small streets,full of pleasant people and small shops, and discover beautiful temples lost between the buildings (and its erotic sculptures ^^).


That’s the Marahana’s palace. Yeah, that whole thing!


Just some “random” sculptures on a temple

Apparently, we’re not the only ones to like this place, given the impressing number of tourists in the hotels. After the tour of the City Palace, we took a boat to discover a breathtaking view of the city from the lake and the small islands (with a hotel/restaurant on each one, in case you have an urge to by a drink 5 times its usual price) and concluded our day with a beautiful Indian dance show: we discovered the Rajasthan’s history and diversity via a variety of dances (from the camel drivers’ to the nobles’ dances) and even a puppet show!


A beer on our hotel’s rooftop, and it’s time to sleep after this long and intense day…



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  1. Très belles photos,

    Ce serait sympa aussi de faire un article sur les trucs plus dégueux et “fun” à l’image des “spéciales pékin” qu on avait fait en Chine !

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