Hawaii is composed of 8 different islands, and there is no ferry linking them with each other: flying is mandatory in order to change island.

2014.06.14 - Hawaii 02

Therefore, we had a bit of difficulties to pick which islands to go to for our 10 days journey in Hawaii, most of them sounding awesome: Maui is supposed to be very beautiful and a bit of everything, Kwai has a luxuriant vegetation, etc…

We ended up picking Oahu (the island on which Honolulu is located) because we were landing and departing from there, as well as Hawaii (Big Island) for its active volcanoes and huge size compared to the other ones.

That was pretty good picks, we weren’t bored for a minute!

Oahu – Honolulu

2014.06.07 - Honolulu 08

I arrived in Honolulu to find Thomas shirtless on Wakiki Beach, already half-Hawaiian: he arrived there a couple of days before me, while I was fighting in Tokyo to get my visa process rushed off.


We had been told that Honolulu wasn’t amazing, but we actually had a lot of fun there.

We quickly made a new buddy, Eric from South Carolina, whom we met when Thomas was about to shave my hair. We had to be friend with that guy: once I came out of the bathroom, Eric said very seriously “Damn, cool new haircut man. Can I get one too?”

2014.06.07 - Honolulu 13

Eric and I with our new haircut. And caps. Looking like douchbags

Waikiki beach, although it is one of the most famous beaches of the world, had nothing exceptional. But it was still a nice beach with a cool seafront promenade, pretty sweet for a big city like Honolulu.


We only spend a couple of days there, enough to enjoy the beach and to climb Diamond Head crater.

2014.06.07 - Honolulu 01

Inside Deamond Head

2014.06.07 - Honolulu 11

Amazing view on Honulu from the top

The nightlife was also pretty awesome. We had a good group from the hostel and enjoyed a cool pub-crawl on our last night.

2014-06-07 22.19.19

Hawai’i “Big Island”

2014.06.13 - Hawaii Big Island 08

Hawaii is the biggest and most recent island of the Hawaii archipelago. It is also the only one that still has a volcanic activity.

The landing is really impressive, as the airport is literally built on solidified black lava. Driving through the island is just as surprising, with sudden moon-like or devastated landscape.

2014.06.10 - Hawaii Big Island 12

We started off our 5 days there with the West Coast around Kona, the most touristic and “beautiful” part of Big Island. We met the rudest hostel owner over there, literally throwing us out in the morning while we were planning our day because “checking out means leaving the premises”.

2014.06.09 - Hawaii Big Island 02

That didn’t ruin our day though: after a cool one-hour trail through the jungle, we arrived at Captain Cook point for some really nice snorkeling with Hawaiian fishes. The heat and the steep slope made the return a bit more sportive, which was really enjoyable.

2014.06.10 - Hawaii Big Island 01

2014.06.10 - Hawaii Big Island 08

These yellow leafy things are hawaiian fish!

Arriving on the south part of the island, we went on to discover one of the only two Green Sand beaches of the world. We made friend with a Hawaiian who took us there for a discounted price.

2014.06.10 - Hawaii Big Island 45

2014.06.10 - Hawaii Big Island 16

2014.06.10 - Hawaii Big Island 21

2014.06.10 - Hawaii Big Island 33

Hello turtle!

We stayed for the next three days in Hilo on the west side to discover Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. We’ll write an article on that, but it was truly awesome.

After discovering a black sand beach, we drove around Mauna Kea volcano for our last day: pretty nice drive.

2014.06.13 - Hawaii Big Island 01

2014.06.13 - Hawaii Big Island 02

Yup, that’s pretty black

2014.06.13 - Hawaii Big Island 07

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to surf in Hawaii because it wasn’t the right season for it. But we did get some good bodysurfing at the different beaches we went to!

2014.06.10 - Hawaii Big Island 29

Let’s go!

2014.06.10 - Hawaii Big Island 40

Something is coming?

2014.06.10 - Hawaii Big Island 43


Overall, Hawaii was really awesome. It is really beautiful and diverse, and we would have loved to spend more time there!

2014.06.13 - Hawaii Big Island 14

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