Hoi An

Hoi An is a small city that was used as a commercial port during the 15th century, selling tea, spices and porcelain to boats from all over the world.

We stayed 3 days there, which was just enough to discover everything Hoi An as to offer.

2014.05.05 - Hoi An 04

The old town

2014.05.05 - Hoi An 12

The old town has been registered as World Heritage for its unique and splendid wooden architecture. Its style has been greatly influenced by the Chinese and Japanese rich settlers.

2014.05.05 - Hoi An 17

The Japanese bridge

We spend a day wandering around the ancient houses by bicycles, before heading to the beach for a swim. For once I was not the one who had a problem with his bicycle, but Thomas was. His lock key disappeared while we were booking our dives, and we never managed to find them back. He ended up on the back of my bicycle while I was cycling hime around (was that really fair?).

2014.05.05 - Hoi An 08

2014.05.05 - Hoi An 09

Some owners open their houses to the public

2014.05.05 - Hoi An 21

The “Chinese Hall” of Hoi An

 Diving Cham Island

2014.05.06 - Cham Island 26

Gerrit, our new German travel buddy for Vietnam, joined us the next morning and we left right away for a diving morning. We went for a couple of dives around Cham Island, reputably the best diving spot of Vietnam.

2014.05.06 - Cham Island 18

The first dive frustrated us as they set up our equipment for us and almost didn’t give us time for our buddy check (it felt really safe…)… and we didn’t see anything amazing during that dive. During our second dive however, we got to go through underwater tunnels and caves, making it truly awesome.

2014.05.06 - Cham Island 20

We spend the rest of the day exploring and chilling on Cham Island, a beautiful small tropical island overlooked by its 517 meters-high mountain.

2014.05.06 - Cham Island 16

2014.05.06 - Cham Island 30

For those wondering nope, we didn’t spend the entire afternoon in a hammock

My So’n Cham site

2014.05.07 - My Son 13
We rented bikes for our last day in Hoi An and set off to visit the My S’on archeological site.

2014.05.07 - My Son 01
My Son used to be an important religious place and the capital of the Champa kingdom, REGORGEANT of temples and sanctuaries. The Champa kingdom lasted from the 2nd to the 15th century, formed by the unification of tribes originating of Indonesia and independent from the Viet or Chinese kingdoms.

2014.05.07 - My Son 28

2014.05.07 - My Son 15

Today, only a tenth of the original 78 building of the city is remaining, as the site has been heavily bombed during the American war.

2014.05.07 - My Son 21

2014.05.07 - My Son 26

Other than that, our hostel was really nice, and we’ve been pleased with Hoi An night life – concentrated in a couple of places only.

2014.05.05 - Hoi An 18

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