Myanmar part 2: The 2000 temples of Bagan

After spending a day on the Irrawaddy River, we finally arrived at Bagan, the highlight of our Myanmar trip.

2014.03.25 - Bagan (24)

Bagan was the capital of the Burman kingdom and saw 55 different rulers, up until 1287 when Qūbilai Khān (the grand-son of Gengis Khān) took the city and left it abandoned.

2014.03.26 - Bagan (31)

During its golden years under king Anawratha, the 42 square-kilometers city was believe to have more than 4 000 temples. Earthquake and Irrawaddy floods progressively destroyed one-third of them.

2014.03.25 - Bagan (78)

2014.03.26 - Bagan (3)

Today, this Unesco site counts 2217 pagodas, temples and stupas built between the XI and the XIII century and is literally breathtaking. We rented bicycles for 2 days to discover it, and words can’t describe how incredible and memorable navigating between those countless history witnesses procured us.

2014.03.26 - Bagan (32)

2014.03.25 - Bagan (50)

The story in pictures:

2014.03.25 - Bagan (6)

We started with Shwezigon pagoda: nothing new there


But then we started discovering new temples literally every 10 meters

2014.03.25 - Bagan (56)

Some of them are truly monumental. This is Dhammayangyi temple, the biggest one of Bagan

2014.03.26 - Bagan (2)

We discovered some small villages between the temples

 2014.03.26 - Bagan (17)   2014.03.26 - Bagan (34)

Thomas and I getting spiritual 

2014.03.25 - Bagan (63)

Bagan is absolutely incredible at sunset

 2014.03.26 - Bagan (37)

Negotiating for some presents

Bagan is also about exploring

2014.03.26 - Bagan (9)

We could climb some of temples…

2014.03.26 - Bagan (8)

…often to discover awesome sceneries

2014.03.25 - Bagan (69)      2014.03.25 - Bagan (70) 

Even if there is no stairs

2014.03.25 - Bagan (75)

Enjoying the view from up there

2014.03.26 - Bagan (23)

Let’s play were is Thomas – he’ll send a postcard to the first one who spots him

Bicycles don’t prevent incidents:

As per usual, a mechanical incident occurred with the bike as I was pedaling back from a sunset viewpoint, but I find some nice Swiss persons to take me on their horse carriage and bring me back to the city with my broken bicycle.

2014.03.25 - Bagan (65)

Overall, Bagan itself made going to Myanmar worth it!

2014.03.25 - Bagan (22)

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