While in Kyoto, we took an afternoon trip to Nara. Nara was the capital of Japan from 710 for 74 years, before being moved to Kyoto by emperor Kammu in 784. Before Nara, capitals were changed every time the emperor died, the city being then considered as impure.


We arrived in Nara to have the nice surprise of seeing that there were wild does everywhere around the main park, obviously very used to be fed by humans.



Looks like a statue but it’s a real one. Promise.

Nearby Nara Park is Todai-ji temple, one of the biggest temples of Japan and the biggest wooden edifice of the world (57 meters-long and 48,5 meters-high). The Kegon sect built Todai-Ji in 747-751.



We finished the day with a visit of Kasuga Taisha sanctuary. It’s a Shinto sanctuary created during the 8th century and have more than 3 000 lanterns in iron, bronze or wood. The oldest one dates from the 7th century.



After a short walk in the city, we went back to Kyoto to catch our bus to Tokyo.


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