Palenque, Campeche and Edzná

We rented a car from Mexico ($16 a day… it’s cheaper than taking the bus!), and we’re off for 17 days of road-trip. We originally planned it a bit longer, but we maxed up Thomas’ credit card (the only one we have left), so we had to wait a couple of days to be able to rent a car.

Mexico Itinerary

Our planned trip


After an entire day of driving from Mexico, we arrived at the first stop of our road-trip: Palenque.

2014.06.21 - Palenque 12

Palenque was one of the biggest Mayan city. The city started developing in 300 AD, while the first Mayan civilization was flourishing in Guatemala and on the pacific coast. It’s apogee came between 600 and 700 AD, during the reign of King Pacal (he died at almost 100 years-old!), followed by his son Chan-Bahlum (Jaguar-Serpent).

2014.06.21 - Palenque 42

King Pacal in the middle and his son Chan-Bahlum on his left

2014.06.21 - Palenque 01

At the death of Chan-Bahlum, the city started declining and its civilization extincted at the end of the 9th century for unknown reasons.

2014.06.21 - Palenque 35.2

Only a part of the abandoned city has been cleared, the rest still being covered by the tropical vegetation. The archeological site was really stunning!

2014.06.21 - Palenque 15

2014.06.21 - Palenque 28

2014.06.21 - Palenque 13

This is El Palacio, the main building of the site, a real maze:

2014.06.21 - Palenque 09

2014.06.21 - Palenque 04.1

2014.06.21 - Palenque 05

The museum was also really interesting, and was the opportunity to learn more about the Mayan civilization of the “classical era”.

2014.06.21 - Palenque 40

This is the Mayan writing, even more complicated than hieroglyphs


Campeche was our second stop. It used to be a Mayan city, conquered in 1540 by Francisco de Montejo, and became the only port of Yucatán until the 18th century, from which was departing the precious wood, the gold and silver coming from all over the country. Therefore, it became a target of predilection for the pirates of the Caribbean, who sacked the city on regular basis.

2014.06.22 - Campeche 07

It is the only fortified city of Mexico, even if today only a fragment of its walls is remaining. The beautiful historic center and its colonial houses are part of the Unesco world heritage.

2014.06.22 - Ednzá 01

2014.06.22 - Campeche 01

Campeche was a nice and relaxing stop that allowed us to explore the numerous Mayan ruins of the region.


2014.06.22 - Ednzá 36

Edzná was the capital of the Itzáes branch of the Mayans, and was at its apogee between 600 and 900 AD. It’s inhabitants were mainly farmers and had developed a system of recuperation of the rain water and a irrigation canals network.

2014.06.22 - Ednzá 37

2014.06.22 - Ednzá 29

The most impressive monument of the site: Edificio de los Cinco Pisos, high of 31 meters

We still have a few big Mayan sites to discover in Yucatán, which will be our next stops!

2014.06.22 - Ednzá 45

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