Phong Nha Ke Bàng Natural Park and its caves

Phong Nha is a mountainous region at the border of Vietnam and Laos. It is one of the oldest karst and vastest limestone area of the world. The region is 400 million years old, and the natural park covers 116 700 ha… It’s massive, in other words.

2014.05.11 - Phong Nha 26

We spend two days over there, biking around the park to discover the main attraction of the park: its incredibly big and beautiful caves:

  • Thien Duong cave, a huge 31 km long cave contains the most beautiful stalactites and stalagmites collection of the park.

2014.05.11 - Phong Nha 16

  • Dark Cave, a mud cave we had to kayak to and make our way walking slipping and gliding through the mud with for only source of light our frontal lamps. We explored that cave with a group of 3 Swedish girls we had met a couple of hours ago and it was definitely a lot of fun.

2014.05.11 - Phong Nha 08

Still in Thien Duong, we had no way of taking a picture of the Dark cave without ruining our camera

  • Phong Nha cave: A 1.5km river runs through the cave. We arrived by boat and then walked around the caves.

2014.05.12 - Phong Nha 04

We had to leave Thomas behind

2014.05.12 - Phong Nha 10

The entrance of the cave

2014.05.12 - Phong Nha 24

2014.05.12 - Phong Nha 37

Otherwise, biking around the amazing scenery of the park was very cool too. Another biking fun fact, I was given a bike in which the key was apparently not holding well in its hole since I lost it in the middle of the ride.

2014.05.11 - Phong Nha 20

Some douche bags around bikes

We now have four different buses and one boat rides ahead of us to get to Ha long Bay. Long trip hopefully worth it!

2014.05.12 - Phong Nha 17

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