Overview of Mexico and personal opinion

It’s the end of our trip in Mexico, and time for our usual overview of the country. With unrelated pictures, of course. The history, the culture and the people The Mexican History and culture is one of the most interesting we’ve discovered. It’s particularly interesting since Mexico was first home to the fascinating civilizations that […]

The Caribbean coast: from Cancún to Tulum

Unlike the title of this article suggests, we decided not to go to Cancún. It is reputated to be an expensive American party place, with no other interest than its clubs: it’s not really what we are looking for. We set off for Playa del Carmen instead. Playa del Carmen Playa del Carmen is actually […]

Hoi An

Hoi An is a small city that was used as a commercial port during the 15th century, selling tea, spices and porcelain to boats from all over the world. We stayed 3 days there, which was just enough to discover everything Hoi An as to offer. The old town The old town has been registered […]

Kao Sok and Ko Tao

After taking 3 different minibuses (!) and being scared out of our mind by the way they were driving, we made it from Koh Lanta to Kao Sok. Kao Sok is a 739 km² national park on the mainland, home of a dense liana and bamboo virgin forest. Its rainforest is older and more diverse than […]