Amber, ex-capital of the most powerful Maharaja

Amber was the previous capital of the Jaipur Maharaja before the decision of building Jaipur was made. And in comparison, it now looks like a very peaceful village. Amber was a war-designed city, controlling a strategic gorge on the way to Delhi. The city is protected by 3 forts surrounded by kilometers of walls to […]

Jaipur, the pink city

The creation of Jaipur has been decided by maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, ruler of Amber, at the beginning of the 18th century. It’s the first city in India to have been conceived by an ubarnist. Inside the walls of the old city, most of the buildings have been built in pink sandstone, and the […]

What it feels like to be a Maharaja

After Saturday’s fail to make a reservation at Neemrana Fort Palace, we decided to try to get a room when getting there and left Delhi at 7am. As you enter Rajasthan, you slowly leave the crowded and – let’s be crazy – “modern” Delhi, which leaves place to a dryer landscape, camels replacing cars and […]

A trip to Rajahastan

Being in Delhi is one hell of an exotic experience, but we also want to see more of India than just this one city, in order to deepen our vision of India. Therefore, we decided to take a one-week trip in Rajasthan. Our itinerary in Rajasthan Rajasthan reputed for being one of the most beautiful states […]