The Caribbean coast: from Cancún to Tulum

Unlike the title of this article suggests, we decided not to go to Cancún. It is reputated to be an expensive American party place, with no other interest than its clubs: it’s not really what we are looking for. We set off for Playa del Carmen instead.

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is actually also a party place, but way smaller and less “americanized” than Cancún. We spent two days there, enough to enjoy its beautiful beach and its incredibly wild nightlife.

2014.06.25 - Playa del Carmen 01

Diving Isla Cozumel

2014.06.27 - Isla Cozumel 14

We got bored of the beach and the party fairly quickly and left to Isla Cozumel. Isla Cozumel was the first island the Spanish reached, 8 years before the Conquistadors, with the ship wrecked.

The members of the crew were kept prisoner by the Mayans to serve as human sacrifices, and only two of them managed to escape. One of them, Gonzalo Guerrero ended up living a Mayan life with the lord of Chetumal and led the defense against the Spanish conquistadors under Francisco de Montejo. He was killed during the Chetumal battle.

2014.06.27 - Isla Cozumel 68

Hello there

2014.06.27 - Isla Cozumel 56

Nowadays, the main reason to come to the island is to go diving its amazing underwater world!

2014.06.27 - Isla Cozumel 02

Getting ready to go

2014.06.27 - Isla Cozumel 26

Coming out of a tunnel


Lion fish


“I’m OK”: No Tom, you’re upside-down

We didn’t regret coming, we did two dives over there that were amazing, between tunnels, swim-through and amazing fauna. Our only regret was not to stay longer (diving is unfortunately a bit too expensive).

2014.06.27 - Isla Cozumel 04

2014.06.27 - Isla Cozumel 152

Coconut picking after the dive

Isla Mujeres: whale sharks snorkeling and partying

We scheduled to go directly from Cozumel to Tulum. However, we made a new friend while diving, a Swedish girl named Linnéa who kept going on and on about how good Isla Mujeres was.

2014.06.29 - Isla Mujeres 04

We decided to trust her on that one, and went with her. It was an awesome choice: we went snorkeling with whale sharks!

2014.06.28 - Isla Mujeres 03

After 2 hours of boat on a (very) wavy sea, making us regret our decision of going, we finally found some whale sharks.

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 9.34.40 PM

Whale shark spotted! Going in!

It made it entirely worth it. We ended up swimming with 3 different whale sharks. They were massive (an average whale shark is 10 meters long and weight 9 tons – with a mouth 1.5 m wide), so it was quite impressive and we were concerned about being hit by their huge tails. An exhilarating experience!

2014.06.28 - Isla Mujeres 05


Chilling after the snorkeling


Natural sun protection

We also really enjoyed our two nights in Isla Mujeres. Our hostel had a sort of private beach with a bar that was THE party place at night for the entire island, so we enjoyed partying bare-foot in the sand.

2014.06.29 - Isla Mujeres 01

2014.06.29 - Isla Mujeres 02

Tulum: A Mayan citadel

With regrets to be leaving Isla Mujeres, we finally made our way down to Tulum.

2014.06.29 - Tulum 03

Apart from its beautiful beach, Tulum is reputed for its Mayan ruins. It used to be a fortress (“tulum” means fortress in Mayan) at the top of a cliff dominating the sea, and surrounded by 3 defensive walls. The landscape is incredible.

2014.06.29 - Tulum 11

Tulum’s architectural style was mayan-toltèque, with its building covered by a layer of stucco painted in vivid colors, blue red and white. It’s from there that the Mayan saw for the first time the Spanish ships arriving. It was one of the last Mayan cities to disappear, as it was still inhabited when the conquistadors conquered the Yucatán peninsula in 1544.

2014.06.30 - Tulum 10

El Castillo, the main edifice of the site

Our trip in Yucatán was really awesome. Between the diving and the whale sharks, the Mayan pyramids and the party, it was rich in amazing experiences. The only downside being that it is the most touristic place of Mexico, so it feels less authentic. Nonetheless, we would happily go back!


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