What it feels like to be a Maharaja

After Saturday’s fail to make a reservation at Neemrana Fort Palace, we decided to try to get a room when getting there and left Delhi at 7am. As you enter Rajasthan, you slowly leave the crowded and – let’s be crazy – “modern” Delhi, which leaves place to a dryer landscape, camels replacing cars and free cows wandering on the road.

Arriving at Neemrana, we found an enchanting castle made with a maze of gardens, terraces, stairs and patios.

Rajasthan - 2013.10.13 - Neemrana (16)

Rajasthan - 2013.10.13 - Neemrana (11)

Rajasthan - 2013.10.13 - Neemrana (17)

Needless to say, we loved it. The only thing was, the hotel was already full. Luckily, the next palace was still on the road of our next stop, so we decided to give it a shot. And that was a good call…

We spent the night in “our private Palace”

Fort Roopangarh is a Seventeen century palace transformed in a hotel by its current Maharajah. While being quite luxurious, it has not been too renovated or modernized, preserving its authenticity. But it especially has the very unique charm of an old place having a ton of small – almost hidden – paths, stairs and room to discover.

Rajasthan - 2013.10.13 - Roopangarh (39)

Rajasthan - 2013.10.13 - Roopangarh (4)Rajasthan - 2013.10.13 - Roopangarh (14)

We arrived there in the end of the afternoon… to find an empty hotel!

Being the only guests of the day, the staff really took special care of us: they gave us best room available, a private tour of the whole palace, and we spent the rest of the day just wandering alone exploring “our” big castle and its dozen rooms.

Rajasthan - 2013.10.13 - Roopangarh (9)

Queen's room

Rajasthan - 2013.10.13 - Roopangarh (45)

“No the Maharaja is not here. You are our only guests tonight. Today you are the Maharajas!”

And Maharajas we felt like. The evening ended up with the staff cooking us a delightful dinner, served on a table they set up for us in the middle of the massive terrace.


And the next morning was just as amazing: camel back riding, tour of the Roopangarh village with it’s amazing people who opened their home to us, and finally a tennis game on the terrace of the palace.



Rajasthan - 2013.10.13 - Roopangarh (33)

Rajasthan - 2013.10.13 - Roopangarh (27)

Rajasthan - 2013.10.13 - Roopangarh (42)

To describe the feeling, at the end of the day, it was just like being in your summer house. Except that in that case, that summer house is a castle and you have half a dozen domestics 😉

Rajasthan - 2013.10.13 - Roopangarh (18)

It definitely feels good to be a Maharaja!

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