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Here is a few details about who we are, what we are doing and so forth.

This is us:

We are two 23-years-old long-time friends who just got their master’s degree from one of the top French “Grande Ecoles”. We considere ourselves the adventurous and driven type of guys, with a passion for travelling and discovering new cultures.


I’m always keen to learn new languages and broaden my cultural horizon. I’m passionate about Marketing and was working in Strategic Marketing in one of the top cosmetic firm. I love sports (surf, basket-ball, tennis) and like to go out with my friends!

Arthur: I’m passionate about entrepreneurship, and was a consultant in New York before taking off for this trip. I love meeting new people, discovering new cultures, countries and cities… I’m also addicted to sports, and especially fond of ski competitions in winter and surfing in summer!

What are we doing ?

A round the world trip on a year, from the beginning of October 2013 to September 2014. Roughly, we’ll be going through India, Australia, South Asia, Japan, Central and South America.

You can find the details of the itinerary here and our budget and expenses here.


Why this round the world trip ?

Because it seemed like the perfect time for us. We both got accepted for post-graduate studies in Business School at HEC, and we were able to delay our starting date for a year. Also, we do believe that it’s better to do that kind of adventure when we are young, still used to the student budget and life-style, and before kick-starting our carriers.

In other words, having been able to delay HEC seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a year of travels without being worried of the “what happens next”.

We also believe that this gap year will be deeply enriching, both from the personal and professional point of view.

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  1. Bonjour mon grand, je te souhaite une bonne fête, tes photos sont superbes, mais la traduction anglais-français BOF! Tu me manques aussi. Bisous’ bisous, bisous. Nanou

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