Hawaii is composed of 8 different islands, and there is no ferry linking them with each other: flying is mandatory in order to change island. Therefore, we had a bit of difficulties to pick which islands to go to for our 10 days journey in Hawaii, most of them sounding awesome: Maui is supposed to […]


While in Kyoto, we took an afternoon trip to Nara. Nara was the capital of Japan from 710 for 74 years, before being moved to Kyoto by emperor Kammu in 784. Before Nara, capitals were changed every time the emperor died, the city being then considered as impure. We arrived in Nara to have the […]


Kyoto is the historic and cultural capital of Japan. Until Tokugawa started the Edo era by moving the capital from Kyoto to Tokyo, Kyoto was the center Japan’s power. Even after 1600, it remained an important city as the emperor and its samurais where still living in the imperial palace, even though the real power […]


Tokyo is probably the place we stayed the longest after Sydney, thanks to our friend Amelie who generously offered us to stay at her awesome place (with a gym!). We’ve been impressed by Amelie’s Japanese level and she was a great guide to discover Tokyo and the Japanese culture. Discovering Tokyo with Amelie Tokyo is […]

Hong Kong

We’re out of Vietnam! Hong Kong started well: we were greeted by Ho Fai’s father – Ho Fai is a friend of mine from NYC – and he took us to their spare apartment in Tsuen Wan, a very authentic Hong Kong neighborhood not very used to see foreigners. It was really nice to have […]


Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is one of the most interesting big cities of South-East Asia we went to. The Old Hanoi architecture is still very similar to what it was like when its construction started in the 15th century. Unlike Saigon, which has been quite Americanized during the war, Hanoi kept its authenticity. No […]

Phong Nha Ke Bàng Natural Park and its caves

Phong Nha is a mountainous region at the border of Vietnam and Laos. It is one of the oldest karst and vastest limestone area of the world. The region is 400 million years old, and the natural park covers 116 700 ha… It’s massive, in other words. We spend two days over there, biking around […]

Hoi An

Hoi An is a small city that was used as a commercial port during the 15th century, selling tea, spices and porcelain to boats from all over the world. We stayed 3 days there, which was just enough to discover everything Hoi An as to offer. The old town The old town has been registered […]

Cambodia: overview and personal opinion

Before starting this article, we have a confession: we unfortunately lost almost every picture of Cambodia from Sihanoukville. So we don’t have much more to show you. You’ll have to make do with more on Angkor! And Angkor is happy about that Cambodia was fairly short. Angkor was obviously the highlight of the trip and […]

The legendary Angkor

No need to introduce Angkor, probably the number one touristic destination of South East Asia. Angkor was the capital of the Khmer empire from the 9th century to 1351, date when it fell and was sacked by Ayutthaya (rings a bell?). The city had been the largest preindustrial city of the world, and its ruins […]