A trip to Rajahastan

Being in Delhi is one hell of an exotic experience, but we also want to see more of India than just this one city, in order to deepen our vision of India. Therefore, we decided to take a one-week trip in Rajasthan. Our itinerary in Rajasthan Rajasthan reputed for being one of the most beautiful states […]

First day around the world – Arrival at Delhi

After 8 hours in the airs, we made it to Delhi at 7am yesterday, and were confidently riding the tube to downtown with a 2 hours-sleep (and needless to say fully resting) night behind us. And the “best first day around the world ever” began… As it was pouring rains outside of the subway station, […]

Hello world!

Hello there! As we are getting very close of our October 10th departure, we just created this blog to serve as our travel journal. As you can see, we decided to write this blog in English, as we have a lot of international friends and that we do intend to make a lot of new […]