Overview of Myanmar and personal opinion

The political and economical situation in Myanmar influenced our journey in several ways: Religion: Burmese are very religious. 10 to 20% of their incomes supposedly goes to the temples, pagodas and monks. It seems like they’re constructing pagodas every 10 meters, every time trying to be bigger than the next one (as you can see in our […]

Myanmar part 1: Yangon and Mandalay

We spent a week in Myanmar, an Asian country stuck between the buzzing Thailand and the swarming Pakistan/India. Every country in SEA (South-East Asia) has its own more or less dramatic historical background. Myanmar is since 1962 under a military government and opened itself pretty recently to tourism: the country is beautiful, the people welcoming, […]

Southeast Luzon & Boracay

Looking for some good food, hot weather and white beaches, we moved from the mountains to visit the south end of Luzon (Philippines’ main island). We started in Naga, an inland city well-known for its spicy and delicious food and part of the amazing and volcanoes-rich Bicol region. After a quick tour of the city, […]

End of our trip in Australia: personal opinion

Our Road-trip around Australia finally done, it’s time for our classical overview of the country, after 10 913 km driven! Let’s talk cities With 23 millions inhabitants for the size of the US, there are few big cities around Australia. Sydney, the biggest one, was quite a deception; the nightlife was good but too expensive, […]

Welcome to the Gold Coast

Freshly back from the Outback (and especially alive), it’s now time to explore Queensland, the last Australian state of our road-trip. Northern New South Wales Our fist stop was Newcastle: not very interesting, but we needed two reviving days from our 1 400 km Alice Spring – Sydney journey. Port Macquarie, 3 hours north of Newcastle, […]

From Melbourne to Adelaide: the Great Ocean Road

After a couple of days in Melbourne, we’re back on the road: let’s discover the great Ocean Road! One of the most famous and iconic road-touring routes, the GOR runs 243 km along the the South-West coast of Victoria. The view is mind-blowing, the waves are world-famous, but the weather often cloudy… Welcome to the […]

Our Australian Road-Trip

It was nice having an actual home for a couple of months while planning the rest of the world trip, but we’re happy and excited to be back on the adventure track. François arrived from France on Sunday 12th to join us, and we are leaving on Monday 13th for a month and a half […]

Coogee, Manly and the Blue Mountains

First things first: Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a great 2013 and wish you an awesome 2014! We celebrated NYE looking at Sydney’s firework, and surfed on January the 1st: what a perfect way to start the new year! We finished the Bondi-Coogee walk, by exploring Coogee Beach and around. It is actually […]

Bondi – Coogee Costal walk

Some news from Australia! We’ve been living in Australia for a month and a half now, and we still have much to see! We spend most of our days surfing at the beach, and our nights enjoying Sydney’s night life. We took one day to do the famous Bondi – Coogee Costal walk: this simply sensational […]

End of our trip in India: personal opinion

Let’s be honest: India is a strange country. The landscapes/monuments are huge, beautiful and full of history, but the Indians are kind of strange… It’s kind of difficult to have a straight opinion about them; they are really nice, want to help you every time, and love the tourists (a delight compared to French people). […]