An overview of the Mongol empire at Agra

Last stop of our Indian trip: Agra and Fathepur Sikri, two ancient king-cities, memories of the ancient Mongol empire. Fathepur Sikri The main door of Fathepur’s mosque , the biggest in India! Fathepur Sikri was build from nothing by Akbar, Indian emperor and the biggest Mongol figure in Asia. This palace was used for only 15 years, […]

From Pushkar to Udaipur, two “lake cities” in two days.

Pushkar Our journey in Rajasthan is quite intense! First stop in a real city, Pushkar: a small city known for its sacred lake, in which Indians come to take a bath in order to be forgiven for their sins. Apparently, some of them have to do so every day, considering the impressive number of scams […]

At the airport!

India, here we come! (writing from London, waiting for our flight) First flight, first country, first day of our trip! We’re really excited but a little bit stressed out by this forthcoming year. In 10 hours, we’re in Delhi! See you soon, cheers! (Yes, we’re traveling light, so we left some hair at home ^^)