End of our trip in Australia: personal opinion

Our Road-trip around Australia finally done, it’s time for our classical overview of the country, after 10 913 km driven! Let’s talk cities With 23 millions inhabitants for the size of the US, there are few big cities around Australia. Sydney, the biggest one, was quite a deception; the nightlife was good but too expensive, […]

The Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef

After some rock jumping in the Crystal Creek, we made our way up to Cairns, where we were met on the next day by Thomas’ parents freshly out of the plane. We spent a day discovering Cairns, which is reputed to be the best city of Queensland. It wasn’t what we expected: the city itself […]

Welcome to the Gold Coast

Freshly back from the Outback (and especially alive), it’s now time to explore Queensland, the last Australian state of our road-trip. Northern New South Wales Our fist stop was Newcastle: not very interesting, but we needed two reviving days from our 1 400 km Alice Spring – Sydney journey. Port Macquarie, 3 hours north of Newcastle, […]

Coming back (alive) from the Outback

We had the occasion to check out a number of thing on our way back from the Outback. Kings Canyon About 300km north from Uluru is Kings Canyon and its 270m-high cliffs and a palm-lined valley floor. It took us 3 hours to hike around the canyon rim, descending down to the Garden of Eden […]

The Outback and Uluru

Our outback journey has been intense. We went from Adelaide to the Red Center, taking a detour through Flinders Range National Park and the mythic Oodnadatta track, before heading back to Sydney by opal mining city Coober Pedy. A lot of driving and hiking was involved, and it was an adventure-full week. Let’s start in […]

From Melbourne to Adelaide: the Great Ocean Road

After a couple of days in Melbourne, we’re back on the road: let’s discover the great Ocean Road! One of the most famous and iconic road-touring routes, the GOR runs 243 km along the the South-West coast of Victoria. The view is mind-blowing, the waves are world-famous, but the weather often cloudy… Welcome to the […]


We found in Melbourne, the 2nd most populous city of Australia with a population of 4.25 million, a more culture oriented and original city than Sydney. We arrived there early Friday morning under a burning 44°C – maybe not the best conditions to visit the city, but we still had a great first day. We […]

Australian Road-Trip part 1: Sydney to Melbourne

So that’s it for Sydney! We started the trip with some bodysurfing in Wollongong, 80km south of Sydney. The “Gong” is a city with a great laid-back beachside lifestyle which reminded us much about Manly, and we enjoyed leaving Bondi to find a nice and not crowded (!) beach to spend the afternoon.   We […]

Our Australian Road-Trip

It was nice having an actual home for a couple of months while planning the rest of the world trip, but we’re happy and excited to be back on the adventure track. François arrived from France on Sunday 12th to join us, and we are leaving on Monday 13th for a month and a half […]


We are about to leave Sydney and we only realize now we haven’t talk at all about the city itself… The explanation is that frankly, there is not that much to talk about. Let’s take a quick picture tour:   Sydney’s landmarks, the Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge   The CBC is small […]