End of Thailand: pretty awesome trip

Time for our classic review of Thailand! As you can have guessed from our last posts, we loved it! Here are a few reasons why: Thailand is a beautiful country, from the buzzing Bangkok and the cultural and historical North, to the relax Koh Lanta and the welcoming and warm Koh Tao. Exploring Koh Phi-Phi island… […]

Kao Sok and Ko Tao

After taking 3 different minibuses (!) and being scared out of our mind by the way they were driving, we made it from Koh Lanta to Kao Sok. Kao Sok is a 739 km² national park on the mainland, home of a dense liana and bamboo virgin forest. Its rainforest is older and more diverse than […]

The South-West islands of Thailand

We took a direct flight from Chiang Mai to Krabi, in the south of Thailand, to explore the islands around it. From Krabi, where we stayed only one night, we took a ferry for Koh Phi-Phi, beautiful and small island well known for it’s endless parties… Krabi’s bay on Sunset  Koh Phi-Phi Koh Phi-Phi Don […]

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the third biggest city in Thailand, and used to be the capital of the small Lan Kna kingdom (during the same period as Sukhothai). Between its market, its bars full of lady-boys (we got a lot of “Heeey! My friend likes you!), and its old fortification and ditch, the city has a […]

Bangkok and the Siam Empire

Ahhhh Thailand! We heard a lot about it (in good or bad), it’s time to discover it by ourselves! Bangkok We spent 2 times 2 days in Bangkok, since we did our visa for Myanmar there just before leaving for Yangon. Bangkok represents 10% of the Thai population and 90% of registered cars in the […]