Deogarh Mahal: a not-so-Indian experience

After spending two nights in the calm – for Indian standards – Udaipur, we went back up north in direction of Jaipur.

On our way, we stopped to check out Sas-Bahu temples, a complex of 11th century hindu temples elegantly decorated.

Sas-Bahu temples

Inside Sas-Bahu temple

We then spend our second night in a palace: Deogarh Mahal, a massive 17th century castle transformed in a hotel.

Rajasthan - 2013.10.16 - Deogarh Mahal (21)

Rajasthan - 2013.10.16 - Deogarh Mahal (13)

Rajasthan - 2013.10.16 - Deogarh Mahal (15)

Although it was way bigger than Roopangarh, having 50 bedrooms, a maze of corridors, terraces and beautiful rooms for us to explore (and a pool – a blessing by the 35°C temperature), we did not enjoyed it as much.

Probably because of the fact that it was a much more touristic place: you could tell it was a “real” luxury hotel, like you can find anywhere in Europe or the US: a less exotic experience. The fact that it was more renovated and modernized – more suited to Occidentals – also contributed to that.

Rajasthan - 2013.10.16 - Deogarh Mahal (10)

IMG_1131 Rajasthan - 2013.10.16 - Deogarh Mahal (7)

Just Thomas and I, exploring

Flying bench Deogarh Mahal

The heck was that flying bench?

Nonetheless, we enjoy spending one night in a relaxing hotel, and had some interesting chats about life in India with some of the village inhabitants.

Rajasthan - 2013.10.16 - Deogarh Mahal (16)

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