First day around the world – Arrival at Delhi

After 8 hours in the airs, we made it to Delhi at 7am yesterday, and were confidently riding the tube to downtown with a 2 hours-sleep (and needless to say fully resting) night behind us. And the “best first day around the world ever” began…

Rainy arrival

As it was pouring rains outside of the subway station, Thomas confidently put on his hiking shoes.

“Thank God I bought a waterproofed pair!”

A few seconds later, we were knee deep into water trying to make our way in the torrents of water streaming in the streets. You can’t see it on the picture, but I’m not kidding… Knee deep into freakin’ muddy water! In the middle of the street! Try to imagine that!

So Thomas, how are your waterproof shoes doing?

Luckily, after the joy of being too backpackers lost in a city where everyone wants to take you to “a better hotel”, we finally made it to the correct one and started hanging our clothes to dry in our semi-clean hotel room and its half-destroyed bathroom.

After a day wandering in town trying to find a bank to get some money, a map of the city and to compare some prices to rent a car for our trip to Rajasthan, we did learn a few things:

  • With an average of one friendly Indian starting a conversation with us every five minutes and wanting to guide us to our destination (because no, you’re not going in the right direction), we now know that everybody is our friend. And that somehow if we do follow him, we weirdly always ended up in front of a tourist information office – even if we were originally going to the bank – that is of course way better (and less expensive) than the official ones! Yes, we do look like freaking tourists 😉
  • Delhi is poor and dirty. It seriously is. And noisy – the klaxons just won’t stop. I mean we were expecting it, but the shock is still there. It’s impressive to see how different of a world India is compared to what we’re used to. We really are some lucky f*ckers!

But once we’ve gotten used to the unremitting approaches of the Indians, the constant klaxons and that the shock of culture started to wear off, we actually started having fun going through this hectic anthill of a city that is Delhi.


Looking forward to what’s next in India!

One thought on “First day around the world – Arrival at Delhi

  1. vous auriez du emmener des palmes! Déjà vous n’étiez pas dans le typhon, il faut voir le bon côté. Bonne découverte au sec.

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