From Melbourne to Adelaide: the Great Ocean Road

After a couple of days in Melbourne, we’re back on the road: let’s discover the great Ocean Road!

One of the most famous and iconic road-touring routes, the GOR runs 243 km along the the South-West coast of Victoria. The view is mind-blowing, the waves are world-famous, but the weather often cloudy…



Welcome to the Great Ocean Road!

We started our journey at Torquay, Australia’s surfing capital and home of Quicksilver and Ripcurl. Ready for a great surf session, the sea was unfortunately a mess that day, and we decided to move down the road to Lorne: we found there a great camping site for the night, in the middle of the forest.

The two following days were full in discoveries:


Eskine Falls, lovely waterfall in Lorne


Maits Rest Rainforest, with is 30 minutes walk in the forest canopy.



The 12 apostles, most iconic site of the GOR: Actually there are only 8 magnificent rocky stacks (not 12)  in the middle of the sea!


The London Bridge (fallen down, now called the London Arch)

2014-01-21 11.20.24

The bay of Islands

We camped at the end of the Great Ocean Road in Lower Glenelg National Park, located along the river and the best place to find unsealed tracks and extraordinary wildlife (kangaroos, spiders, marsupials…). We spent the next day in South Australia, driving on the beaches of Coorong National Park, admiring the amazing blue lake of Mt Gambier and enjoying the beach and the warm and welcoming YHA of Port Elliot.


Sand driving in Coorong National Park


2014.01.22 - Mount Gambier (13)

Mont Gambier’s blue lake

                              P1050096                 P1050102

 Lower Glenelg National Park, its trails and its wildlife

For the next and ultimate day along the south coast, we prepared our trip to Adelaide and the Outback (fuel, food, water). On the way, we stopped at a beach to eat and spotted dolphins: Arthur grabbed his goggles and we finished our day swimming with them!

2014.01.20 - Great Ocean Road (56) - Twelve Apostles

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