Hong Kong

We’re out of Vietnam! Hong Kong started well: we were greeted by Ho Fai’s father – Ho Fai is a friend of mine from NYC – and he took us to their spare apartment in Tsuen Wan, a very authentic Hong Kong neighborhood not very used to see foreigners. It was really nice to have our “own” place, especially since accommodation in Hong Kong is really expensive.


We met with Ho Fai’s father again the next day, and he introduced us to Joseph, a young Hong Konger learning French who was happy to show us around while practicing his French. Joseph was a really nice guy and we enjoyed discovering Hong Kong Island – the business center of Hong Kong – with him.


Hong Kong was also the occasion to meet up with Rachel, our friend from Koh Tao, who was spending a few days there with a friend before going back home.


Rach loving the fame

2014-05-20 23.32.41-2

Tom lost a bet and had to go and sit on that moving cart without saying anything. The guy played along and pushed him around the street

On the next day, we went to an American Tourister shop to have our suitcases changed: our wheels, locks and zippers where not really functioning correctly anymore. We went from “you can only change the wheels and it will take 3 weeks – you cannot talk to the manager sorry” to talking to the responsible of American Tourister Hong Kong on the phone for 30 minutes. It took us a good hour, but we ended up getting everything replaced on Thomas’ suitcase and a brand new one for me. If South-East Asia taught us one thing, it’ how to negotiate!

2014-05-21 11.39.34

Goodbye old friend!

To celebrate, we went to take a drink on a rooftop bar with an amazing view on the Hong Kong skyline with Joseph, Rachel and her friend Ben.

2014.05.21 - Hong Kong 05.02


After sharing a delicious meal with Ho Fai’s family, we ended up that day taking the Hong Kong ferry and enjoying the amazing view of the skyline by night.


For our last day in Hong Kong we went to check out the view from Victoria’s Peak after a walk in Hong Kong Park with Rach, and we ended up the night in a sort of private bar Ben brought us too.



2014-05-22 23.03.59

Overall, although it felt weird to be back to a more modern country, we enjoyed Hong Kong. It’s a dynamic city in which we feel we could go live for a couple of years.


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