Our Australian Road-Trip

It was nice having an actual home for a couple of months while planning the rest of the world trip, but we’re happy and excited to be back on the adventure track. François arrived from France on Sunday 12th to join us, and we are leaving on Monday 13th for a month and a half of road-trip around Australia.

This road-trip is going to be intense as we want to see and do a lot: bush-walking and discovering the unique Australian wildlife in the numerous natural parks, check out the hip vibe of Melbourne, drive down the Great Ocean Road, cruise through the endless outback, admire Uluru, drive on the white beaches of Fraser Island, snorkel on the Great Reef Barrier and sweat in the rain forest north of Cairns. Without forgetting to surf the Gold Coast and some of the best surf spots of the world, of course.

Here are the highlights of the trip:

Sydney - Melbourne - Uluru

Sydney – Melbourne – Uluru – Adelaide – Sydney

Sydney - Cairns

Sydney – Brisbane – Cairns

We’ll keep you posted on our adventures!


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