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After 10 days in Japan, we left Asia for Hawaii and Latin America. But right now it’s time for the overview of Japan!

A country best done on a separate trip

What about the Japanese?

Japanese are welcoming and super friendly. Very polite, they tried every possible way to help us along our trip. The only problem is that they don’t speak English… at all! Even the students can’t put two words together so we had to learn sign language.

2014-06-02 15.14.03

Even if they’re welcoming, there is a very strong Japanese identity. The culture gap between Westerners and Japanese is HUGE (one of the biggest we’ve seen with India) and we rarely saw the two parties hanging out together. How is that so different? Let’s develop some classic Japanese:


  • The Japanese businessman is perfectly suited during the day, but at night you might find him sleeping in the street or the metro after a karaoke and a few sake.

2014-05-31 22.19.33

  • Apparently a strip tease club is a very common place for afterwork parties and business meetings (between males)
  • Very polite, a Japanese will bow as many time as you (it’s possible to create funny games with that)


  • No signs of affection in public! We’re far from Mexico where people are making out everywhere in the street.


Businessman looking for some mangas after work

2014-05-26 14.25.40

Looks like the upper deck of a spaceship!


Needless to say, Japan is an expensive country: transport was one of the biggest part of our budget with accommodation, but the food was actually pretty cheap for a developed country.

2014-05-26 14.08.32

We managed to maintain it low by sleeping at a friend’s place (thank you Amélie!), buying food in supermarkets and looking for the cheapest restaurants in town. We also managed to pay half price for pretty much every temple/museum we did. How? By saying we were 14 years old. It started as a joke, but we rapidly realized that it work EVERY TIME (and we did it at least 15 times)!

Is it really interesting?


Even if the cultural difference of japan is something to see, we didn’t find Japan to be that incredible. It’s probably better done on a separate trip with more budget – money was lacking to do everything we would have wanted to do to experience the “real” Japan – and having visited less temples in the past 3 months.


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