Rio de Janeiro

Brazil, last country of our RTW trip… and its beautiful and vibrant city, Rio de Janeiro! We spent 5 days in Rio and that was not enough to explore the entire city: 1,260 km2 and more than 12 millions inhabitants, suburbs included!


We started our journey at the Marriott Hotel on Copacabana Beach, using Arthur’s points to book a free night! It was a real delight after more almost one year in bunk beds and cramped rooms. We spent our first day walking around Copacabana Beach and preparing our next days. Rio is one of the biggest cities we’ve been to, and the different districts are well defined by mountains, hills, lagoons or rivers.


Awesome night at Marriott’s



2014.08.21 - Rio 36 Copacabana


Cloudy Copacabana Beach

Downtown, Lapa and Santa Teresa

We first visited the central district, which mixes colonial buildings and new residential complexes.



2014.08.19 - Rio 15


The Catedral Metropolitana – a modern, cone-shaped cathedral in the middle of the city

Going south, we crossed Archos de Lapa, a beautiful arch delimiting downtown: Lapa is one of the main districts of Rio, famous for it’s historical monuments and nightlife (the Friday nights are crazy and the streets are packed!). We climbed the Escadaria Selarón, beautiful steps covered in over 2000 tiles collected from all around the world.




On top of Escadaria Selaron is located Santa Teresa, the artistic and touristic district. Built on top of a hill, this residential area has one of the best view of Rio! Santa Teresa is composed of small and narrow streets, linking cafes, restaurant, studios and galleries.


Sugar Loaf  


Sugar Loaf from downtown

With its two huge peaks dominating the city, Sugar Loaf is the place to view the entire city! We took the aerial cable linking the beach to the top though two stations, rising 396 meters above the sea. Even if it was a little bit cloudy, the view was absolutely amazing.


2014.08.20 - Rio 35 Sugar Loaf

Beautiful view on Copacabana


                               IMG_3891                   IMG_3889

Corcovado and Christ the Redeemer

We couldn’t miss one of the Seven New Wonders of the World! On top of the Corcovado (710 meters above the city), Christ the Redeemer is overlooking the entire city. It was hard to find the good moment to go there, since the clouds tend to stay around Corcovado, but we went there on a perfect sunny day.


After a short train ride, we reached the top of the mountain: the statue is surprisingly small (only 30 meters) but the location is perfect. Over 1,800,000 people visit the Christ the Redeemer statue each year and it was indeed full that day!



Legit way to take a picture… 


The Maracana Stadium, one of the largest in the world

Full of activities, sights and beautiful beaches, Rio de Janeiro was our favorite city! It was a real delight exploring the city by ourselves and being part of the crazy Brazilian vibe.


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