Santiago and Valparaiso

During our connection in Miami between Costa Rica and Chile (I know, it doesn’t make sense), our flight got delayed of a slight 4h30, upgrading our total connection time to about 8 hours (by night – can’t even go chill on Miami Beach).

2014.08.12 - Going to Chile 01

A $40 complementary McDonalds to replace the usual in-flight dinner. That’s about a marathon worth of calories. Ugh…

2014.08.12 - Going to Chile 03

Slight delay …

2014.08.12 - Going to Chile 04

… Made up by a seat in First Class

But we ended up making it to Chile! We had a connection in Santiago on our way to Brazil, so we decided to stay a few days there to check out the city.

2014.08.16 - Andes 03

Flying over the Andes Cordillera

2014.08.12 - Going to Chile 07


2014.08.13 - Santiago 01

Santiago was full of surprise for us. First of all, it was freaking cold. We had planned our trip to “follow the summer”, but it’s the middle of winter there. We definitely didn’t have the clothes for it.

2014.08.13 - Santiago 07

Nevertheless, we found a very modern and western-like city – a big change from Central America. Apart from the way Chileans dress, it could have been any European city.

2014.08.13 - Santiago 20

2014.08.13 - Santiago 10

Santiago was founded in 1541 and has been the capital of Chile since colonial times. It is the country’s largest city and is located in the Central Valley, at an altitude of 520m.

2014.08.13 - Santiago 09

2014.08.13 - Santiago 11

The city has a fantastic location, surrounded by the mountains and the Andes cordillera, which are visible from pretty much anywhere.

2014.08.13 - Santiago 28

2014.08.13 - Santiago 19

Here are a few pictures:

2014.08.13 - Santiago 06

2014.08.13 - Santiago 03

Some places are not quite modernized yet

2014.08.13 - Santiago 15

2014.08.13 - Santiago 21

2014.08.13 - Santiago 23


2014.08.14 - Valparaiso 25

My friend Arnaud arrived in Chile a couple weeks ago in for a student exchange of one year, and he is living in Valparaiso. He invited Thomas and I to join him and his girlfriend for a couple of day there.

2014.08.14 - Valparaiso 09

Valparaiso was nicked-named “Little San Francisco” and was declared a UNESCO Wold Heritage in 2003. It’s golden age was during the second half of the 19th century, as it used to be a major stopover for ships crossing between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans through the Straits of Magellan. Today, the port of Valparaiso continues to be a major distribution center in Chile.

2014.08.14 - Valparaiso 08

After a breakfast on the dunes overlooking the sea and a Peruvian lunch, Arnaud and Sherazade gave us an evening tour of the city, and we finished off with a nice evening around a bottle of Chilean wine. We had a great time, and made it back to Santiago the next day for our Saturday flight to Brazil.

2014.08.14 - Valparaiso 02

2014.08.14 - Valparaiso 01

2014.08.14 - Valparaiso 14

2014.08.14 - Valparaiso 16

2014.08.14 - Valparaiso 21

2014.08.14 - Valparaiso 22

And a few odd pictures:

2014.08.14 - Valparaiso 15

Convenient parking 

2014.08.14 - Valparaiso 28

Now that’s art!

Overall, Chile seems to be an awesome country to visit. We were very tempted to extend our stay there to do some of the awesome activities the country has to offer, such as parasailing or skiing in the Andes. That will be for another trip.

2014.08.13 - Santiago 32

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