On our way to Tokyo, we decided to stop by Shanghai: thanks to the free 3-days transfer visa only available in Shanghai, we could swing by China without having to pay for a Touristic Visa. However, a 3-days visa means a very short stay!

 First time for me, second for Arthur

Since Arthur went to Beijing and Xi’an two years ago, he was really thrilled by this stop: he could finally practice his Chinese! It was my first time in China, and we had a great time!

2014-05-24 13.21.22-2

Chinese fooooood!

2014-05-24 16.38.09

The company I was working for is advertising in the Chinese subway!

Visiting the Bund

For our “fist day” we walked around the touristic area, the Bund (also called Wai Tan). East Nanjing Road pedestrian mall is is a sort of Champs-Élysées, very touristic and full of international brand’s stores.


The Riverside Promenade (Bingjiang Da Dao) is the most iconic promenade in Shanghai, a perfect place to enjoy the view on the skyline. However, it was full of tourists.



Arthur wondering if he should eat a Chinese kid for breakfast



Shanghai by night

We crossed the river to explore the business center and its impressive malls: the area is not very unique and feels like a typical business center. We also visited the “market place”, a sort of big mall for souvenirs and local products.




Fuzhou Road Cultural Street

We had a great time in Shanghai and Chinese are very welcoming. Funny story, two girls tried to scam us: fortunately Arthur had already been through the scam a couple years ago and so we didn’t fall for it. I’ll gladly go back to China to explore more of it!


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