We are about to leave Sydney and we only realize now we haven’t talk at all about the city itself… The explanation is that frankly, there is not that much to talk about. Let’s take a quick picture tour:

2013.11 - Sydney (18) 2013.11 - Sydney (21)

Sydney’s landmarks, the Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge

2013.11 - Sydney (17) 2013.11 - Sydney (16)

The CBC is small but beautiful

2013.11 - Sydney (29) 2013.11 - Sydney (25)

A very green city

Sydney is a nice and very green city, with hips of parks and a number of close beaches. The nightlife is good. But it is that personal vibe that makes a city unforgettable.

2013.11 - Sydney 2013.11 - Sydney (23)

Party at the Ivy and the king-cross coca-cola sign, supposed to be the “holloywood sign of Sydney” and the face of the underground Sydney’s party neighbourhood.

It was a new kind of experience to spend Christmas in the summer. It’s actually very weird to see Santa’s effigies near the beach under a crazy sun.

2013.11 - Bondi (43) 2013.11 - Bondi (49)

We ended our stay in Sydney with a beautiful performance of La Boheme at the Sydney Opera House.

Manly (1) 2013.11 - Sydney (32)

Overall, we enjoyed Sydney, but it’s not the kind of city we want to be leaving in. It’s probably a little bit too laid-back and it’s lacking the little something of unique cities.

Manly (10)

One thought on “Sydney

  1. C’est toujours aussi sympa de lire vos articles et de prendre de vos nouvelles en image
    Joyeuse et belle année 2014 pour vous deux 🙂
    Vous avez encore tant de choses à voir et à visiter qu’elle va commencer sacrément bien cette nouvelle année ^^
    Profitez en bien et continuez à nous faire rêver avec votre tour du monde 🙂

    à bientôt j’espère !

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