Overview Brazil

We only went to two cities in Brazil: Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. Rio was a real pleasure, but the Salvador was quite disappointing. Strange bunker in the middle of the Bay Budget Let’s talk fist about the main issue: the budget. Brazil is REALLY expensive, almost as expensive as Australia (we went to big […]

Overview Central America: Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama

Time for our classic overview: we decided to mix the three countries (Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua) for comparison and more fun facts! First things first, we loved our trip to Central America! The historical attractions are non-existent, but the nature and the culture are worth the trip. It’s hot in Nicaragua! Budget: Different in […]

Overview of Myanmar and personal opinion

The political and economical situation in Myanmar influenced our journey in several ways: Religion: Burmese are very religious. 10 to 20% of their incomes supposedly goes to the temples, pagodas and monks. It seems like they’re constructing pagodas every 10 meters, every time trying to be bigger than the next one (as you can see in our […]