Teotihuacan, City of the Gods

Teotihuacan, also called “the City of the Gods”, is a pre-Columbian city in the north of Mexico City built around 150 BC. The architectural site is big (the city had 150 000 inhabitants at its height, making it at minimum the sixth largest city in the world at this time) and is distinctive for its two massive pyramids and the Avenue of the Dead.

Teotihuacan 002

2014.06.16 - Teotihuacan 006

Teotihuacan 051

Parts of the Quetzalpapalotl Palace (new prononciation exercise!) used as a residence

The Pyramid of the Moon

The pyramid of the moon is the smallest one, and is located at the bottom of the mountain Cerro Gordo, overlooking the temple. The pyramid doesn’t have any rooms or tunnels inside, and was used for rituals to gain force and fertility.

2014.06.16 - Teotihuacan 014

Teotihuacan 022

The Pyramid of the Moon seen from the Pyramid of the Sun

We then walked along the Avenue of the Dead to the temple of the Sun…

Teotihuacan 069

The Avenue of the Dead

Teotihuacan 071

Some small plateforms used for rituals (first supposed to be tombs hence the name “Avenue of the Dead”)

The Pyramid of the Sun

The biggest one, and the most impressive (third largest in the World)! Facing the sunset, the pyramid is 63m high and not easy to climb J. The archeologists found an hidden room at the center, supposed to be “where the gods created the world”… unfortunately the room is closed to the public.

Teotihuacan 059

Teotihuacan 067

Teotihuacan 040

Yes, we climbed it on our hands

The fall of Teotihuacan is still a mystery: invasion, water or food shortage, uprising… it was our first Aztec ruins and we loved it!

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