The Pacific coast of Costa Rica: Montezuma and Manuel Antonio

I guess you’re starting to know us by now: we can’t stay away from the sea too long. That’s why after our volcanoes and mountains adventures in central Costa Rica, we decided to head for the beach.

2014.07.14 - Montezuma 02

Our first stop: Montezuma.


Montezuma is a laid-back village at the tip of the Nicoya peninsula. Picture a one block town, home to hippies and friendly dogs and almost free of any kind of vehicles.

2014.07.18 - Montezuma 01

2014.07.15 - Montezuma

We were craving for sun and heat after the cold Monteverde, but as soon as we arrived in Montezuma the tropical rain started to pour like crazy. It probably wasn’t the best way to start our stay there.

2014.07.14 - Montezuma 03

Yet, from the first days in Montezuma we fell in love with this place. It’s so small the town has it’s own relaxed rhythm and we were never too far from the sea.

2014.07.18 - Montezuma 06

The beaches were idyllic, and we were accessing the most remoted one by hiking through the beautiful jungle. On our first time doing that, a dog showed us the way back and forth, following us everywhere (even when we went swimming in the waves – cute dog).


Our dog leading the way

2014.07.15 - Montezuma 10

And coming swimming with us


Montezuma also has beautiful waterfalls accessible after a short hike in the jungle along the river, which we obviously had to jump.



Finally, the nightlife was amazing. We were still with our friend Roshin – which got joined by a friend of her. Together we enjoyed hanging out on the beach with a drink after meeting people around the massive table of the common area of our hostel.

2014.07.18 - Montezuma 04

On our last day, the owner of the hostel took us to discover the nearby Santa Theresa and the beach of Mal Pais, and we ended up buying fish of a local fisherman to cook it at night with some pineapple.


Discovering Mal Pais beach with Elena

Every part of our stay there was a memorable experience, and we ended up staying four days instead of one!


Manuel Antonio

A speedboat took us from Montezuma to Jacó, and we made our way down to Manuel Antonio, a popular national park in Costa Rica. On our arrival, the hostel dormitories were full so they gave us a private villa with a beautiful view on the sea from its hammock. This should happen more often!

2014.07.18 - Terminus Boat Ride Jaco 02

The speed-boat arrival beach nearby Jacó

2014.07.19 - Manuel Antonio 01

A pretty nice setup

2014.07.19 - Manuel Antonio 04     2014.07.19 - Manuel Antonio 07

Unfortunately though, we didn’t have enough time there to visit the national park. Nevertheless, we enjoyed relaxing on the beach and spotting monkeys jumping from tree to tree.


Coconut pause before the beach


We wish we could have more time to explore the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, but we’re excited to be going back to San Jose to meet up with Adrien. He’s joining us from France for 2 weeks of vacations, and we’re off the next day to Nicaragua!

2014.07.18 - Montezuma 05

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