The Pacific Coast

It is time for us to explore the Pacific coast of Mexico for its beautiful surf beaches and its relaxed and colorful towns!

San Cristobal de Las Casas… or not

Our first stop was supposed to be San Cristobal de Las Casas, a joyful city lost in the mountains of Chiapas. Unfortunately, we discovered after 2 hours of driving on a very winding road that the road was blocked by some locals (they often do this to demonstrate). We had to go back to Palenque and spend the day in the car to compensate…


Finally, the Pacific Coast! Zipolite is a small laidback town in the south of Mexico full of wooden houses and small bungalows on the beach. We slept in a great hostel with a room + balcony looking over the beach (for 9$ each, it’s the paradise!).




The surf conditions were not perfect at our arrival, but we had a great time bodysurfing and exploring the beaches around!

Puerto Escondito

Puerto Escondito is THE surfing place in Mexico (3rd best surf spot of the world!), so we had to check it out. Unfortunately, we arrived at the same time as a massive swell. The waves were so big (up to 4 meters high) on the main beach that we couldn’t go surfing. We spend the afternoon watching some crazy surfers trying to kill themselves and went bodysurfing these bad boys.




The sun was so powerful that we had to put sunscreen every hour


Doesn’t seem big…


Better with a scale, isn’t it?


2014.07.06 - Monte Alban 14

Oaxaca is a charming city in the mountains, native place of the Zapotec civilization (and home of the Mezcal, the most famous alcohol in Mexico). We visited the archeological site of Monte Alban (that’s the last one, I promise!), supposed to be the most important Zapotec city. The site is located on top of the Jaguar’s Hill and overlooks the entire plain of Oaxaca: Monte Alban was therefore perfect for Astrology and Cosmology studies!


The archeological site is essentially a ceremonial place, composed of multiple platforms, steles and tombs. The view is absolutely incredible !



2014.07.06 - Monte Alban 20

We then walked around the city, discovering the beautiful Zocalo and the small streets around the cathedral.



Eating barbecued meat inside Oaxaca’s market!



We had a great time on the pacific coast, even if we couldn’t surf! The driving was really hard though, the roads going through the mountains or being full of bumpers/holes: it took us 6h to do 220km!


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