The South-West islands of Thailand

We took a direct flight from Chiang Mai to Krabi, in the south of Thailand, to explore the islands around it. From Krabi, where we stayed only one night, we took a ferry for Koh Phi-Phi, beautiful and small island well known for it’s endless parties…

2014.04.07 - Krabi 07

Krabi’s bay on Sunset 

Koh Phi-Phi

Koh Phi-Phi Don is a small island lost between Phuket and Thailand land stripe liking Bangkok to Malaysia. The only village is located in the middle of the butterfly-shaped island and regroups an impressive number of hostels, cafes, bars and travel agencies. Koh Phi-Phi Ley, a smaller island where some parts of “The Beach” were filmed, is pretty much inhabited (only some local tribes and park’s rangers).

2014.04.09 - Ko Phi Phi 06

2014-04-09 10.44.13

2014-04-09 04.49.26

Amazingly beautiful Kho Phi-Phi!

The life in Koh Phi-Phi is almost the same for everybody: since there is no road on the island, everybody stays more or less on the center and move around by boat. You can choose a simple taxi-boat, a organized excursion on a bigger boat or a “booze boat” (where drinking is definitely the main attraction). After watching the sunset on the boat around 6pm, it’s time to get ready for the night: put on your flip-flops, your board-short and a tee-shirt (optional) and move to the beach where you can swing between the endless stripe of bars. Loud music, drunk guys/girls and inhibited fights are to be expected! (Noise pollution is the main issue on the island).




2014-04-09 13.05.20-1

We definitively enjoyed our stay in Koh Phi-Phi, mainly due to the great boat trip we had, the amazing sceneries and the unique nightlife experience (its not every night that you do fire rope jumping!). However, the island is very expensive (food, drinks and accommodation) and not a place you want a spend to much time in, so we decided to leave for Koh Lanta.

Koh Lanta

 Koh Lanta, second island of our South-West trip, is way different from Koh Phi-Phi: almost 15 times bigger, Koh Lanta is a relax place: 9 beaches lie from north to south along the sunset coast, from the backpacker’s beach to the 5 stars hotel’s beach!




2014-04-10 15.40.15

We stayed on Long Beach, the backpacker place, in an awesome hostel/bungalows on the beach! We rented a couple of motorbikes and did the tour of the island: the road is following the coast and you can discover small and beautiful beaches, untouched by hotels and restaurants. After dinning feet in the sand, it’s time to discover the nightlife: the island is organised around 7 bars, one for each day of the week. Even if the island is not a party place, since everybody goes to the same place, the nights can easily be as crazy as in Koh Phi-Phi!



Koh Lanta is definitively one of the highlight of Thailand: beautiful, relax and friendly, it was hard for us to leave it.

2014.04.07 - Krabi 05

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